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It can seem easier to take great digital photos as you can take so many and choose the best. However the multitude of choices not only of which shot to use, but how to edit it with different filters and mix the colours, can make it seem much trickier. The choices only seem to be increasing as the technology increases, which can be overwhelming for the amateur photographers. This blog is all about making that selection easier and showing you how you can effortlessly take excellent digital photos and get them looking fantastic with easy editing program on your computer or phone.


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Using a Drone for Construction Photography: 4 Safety Tips

Drones are becoming increasingly popular among many Australians. So far, drone use has mostly be confined to amateur users. However, in recent times, many construction companies have started to use drones to photograph and map their work sites. If you are considering investing in a drone for your construction company, it is important you understand how to use it safely. Below is a guide which will help you to safely operate a drone.

Carry out pre-flight checks

Before you launch your drone, you should carry out a pre-flight check. During the pre-flight check, you should check the rotor blades for any sign of damage. You should also check that they can spin freely without any resistance. Next, you should check the power supply to the drone and the remote control unit. Finally, you should inspect the body of the drone to make sure it is intact and undamaged. If you notice any problems with your drone, you should abort the flight until the issue has been repaired.

Make sure the battery is fully charged

Before every flight, you should ensure that the battery is fully charged. If the battery fails mid-flight, this could result in the drone entering an uncontrolled descent. An uncontrolled descent could cause injury to people below or could damage property.

Always keep your drone in sight

When operating your drone, you should always make sure that it is in sight. Even if the drone is feeding back live images to a TV monitor, you should never fly the drone from these images alone. Losing sight of your drone or flying it using relayed images increases the chance that an accident will occur because you cannot judge the location of the craft in relation to its surroundings.

Do not fly your drone in areas where there are low-flying aircraft

You should never fly your drone in areas where there are likely to be low-flying aircraft such as on the approach to airports and helipads. Drones present a very serious risk to low-flying aircraft. In the event of a collision, even a lightweight drone could cause serious damage to the engine of a low-flying aircraft. Reports of near misses between drones and aircraft are becoming increasingly common, so you should take steps to make sure you are not flying your drone in an inappropriate area.

If you would like further advice, contact a company which specialises in drone photography.