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It can seem easier to take great digital photos as you can take so many and choose the best. However the multitude of choices not only of which shot to use, but how to edit it with different filters and mix the colours, can make it seem much trickier. The choices only seem to be increasing as the technology increases, which can be overwhelming for the amateur photographers. This blog is all about making that selection easier and showing you how you can effortlessly take excellent digital photos and get them looking fantastic with easy editing program on your computer or phone.


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3 Tricks To Get Your Dream Wedding Photographs

Your wedding is perhaps the most memorable day of your life, so you'll naturally want everything to be perfect –– including your wedding photographs. Hiring a specialised wedding photographer is a great way to retain lasting memories of your special day. Here are some tricks to ensure that you get your dream photographs on your big day.

Stay Flexible With Your Expectations While Covering Your Must-Have Bases

Most couples usually have a few must-have shots for their wedding, so be sure to let your wedding photographer know. For example, getting a shot with the parents of the groom and bride or a shot of your first kiss at the altar are potential must-have photos for your wedding. While it's perfectly acceptable to let your photographer know exactly what shots you want, it's important to stay flexible because anything can happen on your big day. For example, a sunny shot of you in a large field would be pointless on a rainy day, so you could creatively substitute this photo idea with big umbrellas and rain boots. Similarly, if you're caught up in too much traffic on your way to the wedding reception and don't have time to take all your planned bridal entourage shots around the city, stick to a few favourites and let the rest go. Certain things may be out of control on your wedding day, but remember to trust your wedding photographer to do the best possible job in any circumstance.

Establish Your Preferred Colour Hues In Advance

Most wedding photographers shoot with digital films using different types of software for greater flexibility, allowing them to plan different types of photos based on your preferences and their shooting style. If you want specific colour hues or black and white pictures, be sure to let them know in advance, so they can adjust their photo settings and lighting accordingly for sharper images.

Capture Cherished Decorative Details To Retain Lifelong Memories

While gorgeous people portraits are a must during your wedding, you'll want your wedding photographer to capture the cherished decorative details of your ceremony and reception. For example, exquisite table centrepieces, unique cake toppers, distinctive favours and special flower arrangements are all details you'll want to remember for the rest of your life, so communicate these desires clearly with your wedding photographer. You may need to work with your venue or wedding planner to set up space in the reception hall early, so that the wedding photographer can snap up these decorative details before your guests enter.

Be sure to follow these tricks when working with your wedding photographer to get your dream wedding photographs.