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3 Tricks To Get Your Dream Wedding Photographs

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Your wedding is perhaps the most memorable day of your life, so you’ll naturally want everything to be perfect –– including your wedding photographs. Hiring a specialised wedding photographer is a great way to retain lasting memories of your special day. Here are some tricks to ensure that you get your dream photographs on your big day. Stay Flexible With Your Expectations While Covering Your Must-Have Bases Most couples usually have a few must-have shots for their wedding, so be sure to let your wedding photographer know. For example,...

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Canvas Printing Editing Tips

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Sending your picture to be canvas printed without first altering its colours is the same thing as going to cocktail parties without wearing the appropriate attire. While true beauty is truly all on the inside, photo editing can make the bright colours brighter, the blacks deeper and the whites appear whiter. All of these together will make up for the imperfectly rendered scene by your camera. If you’ve never edited a photo before, don’t worry. Here are some easy to understand steps in order to create amazing canvas prints. Change...

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